Alright. Here they are! Obviously the first 3 are mine and the last one is formy nephew! Now he signed Nathan’s in gold but when I scan pictures in B&W  in colour on my scanner it turns them a weird colour so alas you can not tell that they are gold but yes…as i said he underlined the best wishes on his HAHa the first one is messier then the others so what do ya’ll think? I’ve looked at his secretarials and they look very different then this. So I’m hoping they are real and as perfect as they appear to be. HAHA if they are he must’ve really liked the letter because he put best wishes on all of them and usually doesn’t do that like ever like any other time i’ve seen jerry autographs on sites he usually picks 1 and does it (and a lot of the time the secretarials don’t even bother to put the name on it sooo hmm)

ALSO THE WEIRDEST THING—-there was this feeling all day today that I had…like…idk as soon as I saw the mailman I ran out to get them (despite the fact I didn’t bother to get dressed today and a ton of people were outside) and I saw it and i screamed outside YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


and my family was all WTf and i was like


and i  am telling you i have the ability to sense these kinda things it’s freaky but fabulous

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  3. xluvjerry said: I am so happy for you, dear!! <3
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